Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sencha Tea

Green tea has been appreciated by healthy-minded individuals worldwide. This is because of its proven benefits for the human body. You can now go online and buy bottled green teas or go to the supermarket and purchase a wide variety of dried green teas for you to prepare at home. One of the most delicious and health giving green teas available today is the Chinese tea known as Sencha tea.

This tea is extremely popular in the east it is recognized by its rolled or curled shape which comes from the way it is processed and dried. The sencha leaves are subjected to a steaming process before being rolled up, shaped correctly, and then dried out. This gives the curled shape that the majority of people associate with this particular variety of tea. This method of preparing the leaves differs from green teas produced in other regions and is one of the reasons for the delicious flavor that is associated with Sencha tea.

When purchasing Sencha tea you may come across terms like "first flush" and "second flush". This is an advertising point for many Sencha tea suppliers because these flushes directly affects the  coloring and flavor of the tea. This term comes from the fact that the tea plants used to make Sencha tea are harvested at  different times through the year. In the East, it is believed that the most delicious teas are originate from the first flush of the year,  because of this those teas will become marked as "first flush" Sencha.

Around the world you can find Sencha tea on sale as either first or second flush with the first and second flush as major selling points. First Flush teas usually produce a more golden green color along with the delicious flavor for which Sencha has become appreciated and recognized.

Green teas like Sencha are known for their high levels of polyphenols, which are also proving to be very beneficial for the body. They work along with antioxidants to clear the body of harmful toxins that cause disease and to reduce the risk of deadly diseases including cancer.

Sencha tea is proven to be completely natural and safe. You can drink Sencha tea at home as often as you like without worrying about dangerous side effects. Sencha tea has a wonderful taste and can easily be purchased online from a variety of different manufacturers.

One supplier is Tava Tea, they offer Sencha in their unique mix of green teas, and provide the ultimate health benefits that only a top tea like Tava Tea can provide.

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