Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Is The Stress?

The "Stress" is the result of a reaction that the body has when stimulated by unfavorable external factors. The first thing that happens to our bodies in these circumstances is a rush of adrenaline and the organs that feel it the most are the circulatory and respiratory systems.

In a dangerous situation the circulatory system adrenaline promotes rapid heartbeat (tachycardia) and a decrease in the size of the peripheral blood vessels. This way, the blood flows more quickly for better oxygenation mainly for the muscles and brain, which also decreases bleeding in the case of superficial wounds.

In the respiratory system, adrenaline promotes the dilation of the bronchi (bronchodilation) and induces the increased rate of respiration (tachypnea) to greater capitation oxygen, which will be more rapidly transported through the circulatory system, also fully prepared for the adrenaline.

When the danger passes, our body stops the overproduction of adrenaline and everything returns to normal. In today's world situations are not so simple and the danger and aggression are always around with the major problems of our lives. Any change in our lives has the potential to cause stress, both good and bad. Stress occurs then, in varying degrees, depending on the intensity of the change events. So the body reaction to stress is tachycardia, pallor, sweating and panting. There may also be a lack of blood pressure and cause increased pressure to very high levels, but it does not mean that the person is hypertensive.

Stress symptoms include mental manifestations, physical and social. These include exhaustion, loss or increased appetite, headaches, sadness, insomnia and somnolence. Escape through alcohol, drugs or other compulsive behavior are often indications. Feelings of worry, frustration or apathy may accompany stress.

Over time the stress can become chronic and your natural defenses get even more impaired to help on their own.

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