Sunday, March 18, 2012

Acai Berry Helps Your Immune System

Your immune system is important as it serves to protect you from even the simplest of colds. For this reason it is essential that you try to support your immune system and keep it bolstered against any potential illnesses. This is where taking acai berries can be truly beneficial to your health. Nutrition plays an important part in maintaining immune function.

How does your immune system work?

Using a unique combination of enzymes, good bacteria, proteins, cells and tissues; these mechanisms work together to protect you against the influences of viruses, diseases, parasites and bad bacteria. Without them, the mildest of colds/infections could cause serious damage to your body.

Fortunately 2 and a half centuries worth of scientific research has ensured we are better prepared for taking care of our immune system and ultimately our health. From simply receiving enough sleep to keeping our bodies hydrated, each of these tools has been proven to have a positive influence on our immunity.

However, there are other equally effective measures for protecting your immune system, that many of you are unaware of and in some cases don’t even know about: antioxidants, vitamins and good bacteria.

Each of these ‘invisible nutrients’ is available in a variety of different foods, but are not as potent as in acai berry, as we’ll now explain:

• Antioxidants – through a combination of antioxidants and anthocyanins, these can help your blood to cancel out the effects of ‘free radicals’ (caused by pollutants, smoke and external elements) and ultimately prevent cell damage.

Recent studies by the Linus Pauling Institute have found that by naturally increasing your vegetable and fruit consumption, this antioxidant boost can decrease an individual’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

In the case of acai berry, this fruit has been found to contain 10-30 times more antioxidants than grapes, making it the ideal choice for boosting your antioxidant intake.

• Vitamin A – your skin is an organ too so it is essential to protect it from the outside world and the easier easy to do this is to ensure you receive enough vitamin A. Not only can it help you fight aging, but vitamin A is the best source for clear, smooth skin.

• Vitamin C – look back over history and you’ll soon realize the importance of vitamin C in your diet. The leading cause of scurvy in sailors over 100 years ago, the complete exclusion of this vital vitamin (for an extended period of time) can result in spots, spongy gums, bleeding from mucous membranes, fatigue and partial immobilization.

Whilst eating sensibly can provide you with the nutrients you need to protect your immune system, incorporating such fruits as acai berry can offer you all 3 elements in one fruit.

Enriched in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, fiber, amino acids and vitamins, this nutrient dense fruit has been scientifically proven to boost immunity, prevent cell damage and protect against illness and ailments.

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