Sunday, March 18, 2012

Acai Berry Scams and Frauds

Acai Berry is actually a hot item due to the fact research has shown that the berry consists of antioxidants that can fight against illness, aging, and also provides you a whole lot more energy.  People are running after Acai Berry supplements because they want to obtain the benefits of the berry without having to travel to the Amazon Rain Forest.

Acai Berry is extremely popular and one of the most favored forms is actually a supplement,  given that for many a trip to the Amazon Rain Forest to  acquire the fresh berry is out of reach. The Acai Berry is a hot ticket in the health and fitness industry due to the fact it  provides you a great deal of vitality and aids to fight off illness.

But before you purchase an Acai Berry item, you should do some investigation online. In that investigation, there should be certain things you watch out for. Use this checklist to make sure you take all the essential facts into consideration.

1. Certified organic ingredients - This means you're not getting exposed to chemicals or pesticides.
2. From the time the Acai Berry is harvested, it must be processed within a 24 hour period. If it is, then you are looking at a high quality supplement.
3. The Acai Berry needs to be freeze dried and not spray dried if you would like to  buy the actual fruit. That way the quality of the fruit is preserved.
4. The Acai Berry  can't be overheated. If you would like Acai juice, it needs to be flash-pasteurized, which keeps it from the high heats of the pasteurization process.
5. There should be absolutely no fillers or any chemical preservatives.

So go with the high quality and do not fall for the scams and frauds on the web. Once you do the research you will find out details that will lead you in the right direction.

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