Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Message From Water - How Our Emotions And Intentions Reflect In Water

This post reflects information on the work of Mr. Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher. Mr. Emoto has published an important book,  with the findings of the global survey that was done by him, which showed how the thoughts, intentions, words and sounds altered water molecules.

We know that our thoughts, our feelings and intentions influence our body and everything around us, attracting good or bad things...

If you had any doubt that your thoughts can affect everything in and around you, the information and photographs that appear in this video will change your mind and alter your beliefs deeply.

With Mr. Emoto's work we are provided with evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water. The same water that comprises 60% of a human body and covers the same amount of our planet.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

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